Woman Escapes ‘Makeshift Dungeon’ After Allegedly Having Been Kept As Sex Slave For 14 Years

MAXIM ZMEYEV/AFP via Getty Images

Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A 33-year-old woman escaped from a 51-year-old Russian captor’s home in the village of Smoleno Monday after she was allegedly beaten and raped more than 1,000 times for 14 years, according to the New York Post.

Vladimir Cheskidov was reportedly arrested after his victim, Ekaterina, broke free. Cheskidov is set to be charged with murder, rape and kidnapping, per the New York Post. (RELATED: Two Arrested After Teen Escapes Alleged Kidnappers Who Raped, Chained Her To A Bed For Weeks)

Valentina Cheskidov, Cheskidov’s mother, was also reportedly arrested. The 72-year-old woman lived with her son and his sex slave, Russian news channel reported.

Ekaterina reportedly said Cheskidov kidnapped her after she was invited to have a drink at his house because he was looking for a woman “who would likely not be reported missing.”

Ekaterina was reportedly trapped in a padlocked bedroom with barred windows since 2009. She was only allowed to exit to perform house chores like cooking, cleaning and caring for Cheskidov’s mother, all while being held at knifepoint, per the New York Post.

The victim alleged minor transgressions would cause Cheskidov to beat her, the outlet noted. She was allegedly forced to drink alcohol and severely bludgeoned to the head to the point of forgetting how to contact her relatives.

A sex-toy collection, muzzles and pornography CDs were reportedly found in Cheskidov’s one-story home.

Ekaterina also claimed Cheskidov stabbed his “wife,” another woman named Oksana, to death after a dispute, the New York Post noted. Ekaterina reportedly said her captor forced her to help dispose Oksana’s corpse. Human remains were found in Cheskidov’s basement, according to the Investigative Committee of Chelyabinsk

Cheskidov reportedly cried during a Tuesday custody hearing. He said he shared a “mutual love” with his victim, per the Post.

Ekaterina came from a low-income family and had a limp, according to her Telegram channel Shot. Her parents were dead, and it reportedly took her older sister nine years to report her missing.

Ekaterina reportedly found her sister living near Cheskidov’s house after she escaped. Ekaterina’s sister called authorities about the crime, according to the New York Post.