Eric Bolling Tells Chris Christie Straight To His Face He Has No Chance

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Newsmax’s Eric Bolling told former New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday night he has no chance at the presidency.

Christie told Bolling he expects to do well in New Hampshire, so he is not concerned about his fundraising or poll numbers, prompting Bolling to argue that Christie has no path to the White House.

“TV, governor, is intoxicating. I love being on TV. Just about everyone who’s been on TV loves being on TV. I don’t see a path for Chris Christie to be the nominee, nor the president. I do think you’re a wonderful TV analyst. I mean you’re great at what you do. I love these interactions and I just have a hunch you kind of like TV too, and you might like the ABC gig where you sit next to Stephanopoulos, you’re talking about Trump and whoever. Does this have anything to do with Chris Christie wanting to remain front and center when the red light goes on the camera?”

“Eric, I walked away from a contract that I had that was through the year 2025 at ABC, so I’m certainly not running for president to try to get a contract that I already had and gave up. No, I want to be president of the United States,” Christie said. (RELATED: ‘I’d Kick His A**’: Chris Christie Says He Would Win In A Fight Against Trump)

“And I know you don’t see a path right now, but I’ll tell you this, Eric. When I win New Hampshire, and when I become the nominee, I’m still gonna be coming on ‘The Eric Bolling Show’ cause it’s one of the great places to be on TV. You can admit you were wrong and then we can go ahead and go beat Joe Biden.”

Boiling then noted Christie’s low poll numbers before asking whether “banging Trump” is the best way to try and win the nomination.

Fox News host Bill Hemmer also questioned Christie about his chances for candidacy, with Christie arguing that President Joe Biden is “the most incompetent president since Jimmy Carter” and Trump is “a failed leader.”