Devon Archer Says It’s ‘Categorically False’ Joe Biden Didn’t Know About Hunter’s Business Dealings

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James Lynch Investigative Reporter
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Hunter Biden’s former business associate Devon Archer shot down the notion that Joe Biden was not aware of Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson interviewed Archer about Hunter Biden’s business dealings and asked about Joe Biden’s knowledge of them. (RELATED: ‘He Was A Threat’: Devon Archer Says Ukrainian Prosecutor Joe Biden Got Fired Was Going After Burisma’s Business)

“The reaction to what you’ve said in public, to what you said to the Committee on the Hill, to what you’ve been telling us in this interview, is that, like there’s no corruption here at all. This is totally normal. Joe Biden had no role whatsoever in his son’s business or knowledge of it. Right. How would I mean, that seems false,” Carlson said 55 minutes into the hour-long interview.

“Yeah, I think that yeah, that that’s, that’s categorically false. I think that what the … He was aware of Hunter’s business. He met with Hunter’s business partners. I mean, you found a letter that that illustrates that he knew me,” Archer responded.

Carlson posted the interview to Twitter on Friday as part two of his Twitter episode with Archer. In part one of his interview, Carlson shared a personalized letter then-Vice President Joe Biden wrote to Archer in Jan. 2011, before Hunter Biden and Devon Archer became board members of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma.

Archer testified to the House Oversight Committee on Monday about his business dealings with Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s contacts with his son’s business partners. (RELATED: Hunter Biden Warned Devon Archer About Potential FARA Violations Right Before Taking Burisma Board Seat, Emails Show)

Archer told the Committee that the Biden family “brand” kept Burisma in business and “intimidated” people from messing with Burisma, according to a transcript released Thursday.

Archer also said Joe Biden attended dinners with Hunter’s foreign business associates and put Joe Biden on speakerphone during business meetings over 20 times, Republican Kentucky Rep. James Comer, Chair of the House Oversight Committee, said in a statement.

White House spokesperson Ian Sams tweeted that Archer’s testimony “confirms President Biden was not involved in his son’s business” shortly after the transcript was released.