Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Could Potentially (And Sadly) Retire Soon

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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At least go part-time — don’t leave us, Doggie!

Being in sports media for more than 30 years, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo is an absolute legend, starting in 1989 when he launched a show branded “Mike and the Mad Dog.” But at 64-years-old, Russo could potentially (and sadly) be headed towards retirement.

On a recent episode of “SI Media” with Jimmy Traina, Russo said he will remain active through the Super Bowl. After that, he could ride into the sunset — or at least make time to hang out with family.

“Listen, who knows. I am definitely going to be all over the Super Bowl and all over the fall,” said Russo. “I got four kids in college beginning this year. I have nobody in the house beginning August 28. That’s the first time in 24 or 25 years that that is going to occur for the Jeanie Russos and the Chris Russos.”


This would be so sad.

But hey, I get it. It’s like he said. He’s 64-years-old and wants to spend time with his kids. I get it being a parent of four (two daughters and two step-daughters) and working all the time as a career man.

But holy cow … as a selfish sports fan, I’m going to be sad when Doggie finally decides to walk away.

I mean, seriously, how can you not like this guy?

What I hope happens is what I said earlier: go part-time.

Mad Dog doesn’t have to retire, he can just have a podcast he releases every week. Heck, he could even make it semi-weekly … monthly?

Just give us something, Doggie! I beg you! (RELATED: Logan Paul Gets Into Fight With Fan At Jake Paul’s Boxing Match After Winning Bout At WWE SummerSlam)

But on a serious note, congratulations on quite the career, and whatever you decide to do … thank you.

That popcorn content will never be replaced.