US Women’s Soccer Hilariously Eliminated From World Cup In Such Sweet, Sweet Poetic Justice

(Photo by WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The anti-American Americans are eliminated!

Playing Sweden in the Round of 16, the United States women’s national team was eliminated Sunday from the Women’s World Cup following a 5-4 penalty shootout loss.

The U.S. came into the tournament as the reigning back-to-back champions but was nixed in the earliest round in program history. It came in such poetic justice, too, as the ending result was extraordinarily close. In fact, it was so close that Lina Hurtig’s winning penalty goal required VAR for confirmation after it barely crossed the line.

And to make their defeat even better, it also came after a missed penalty kick by Megan Rapinoe. Sophia Smith and Kelley O’Hara also missed penalty kicks but — let’s be honest — Rapinoe missing one of the penalty kicks leading to a U.S. elimination is how her career ends?

It’s such sweet, sweet poetic justice.

It’s absolutely beautiful that the United States got eliminated.

But it’s not just that they got eliminated, it’s how they got eliminated. You had Megan Rapinoe missing a critical penalty shot leading to her retirement, the game coming down to VAR and the extreme narrowness didn’t just lead to their bouncing — it also happened to be the earliest bouncing of all time for the USWNT.

I can’t say it enough … it’s such sweet, sweet poetic justice! (RELATED: US Women’s Soccer Continues To Crap On America’s National Anthem While The Rest Of The World Outright Belts Theirs)

And just like that, all of the world is celebrating the Americans being eliminated — including Americans.