Jacksonville Jaguars’ New $120,000,000 Facility Has ‘Most Advanced Urinals’ That Detect Players’ Hydration Levels

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The Jaguars are living good — especially when it comes to their bladders.

Owner Shad Khan and the Jacksonville Jaguars spent a total of $120 million on their brand new practice facility, and from the looks of it, it’s immaculate. It includes “the most advanced urinals in all of professional sports.”

NFL RedZone host and outright football legend Scott Hanson toured the new Jaguars facility Monday, putting a spotlight on the grade A urinals that can actually detect a player’s hydration levels.

“If the light turns green when you go, you’re good,” Hanson said, explaining how the sensors work. “If it’s yellow, you need to hydrate some more. If it’s red, you’re probably going to get a notice from the athletic trainers. Maybe get an IV.”

This is a solid investment for the Jaguars.

They get to accomplish a few things with their urinals:

1. They can make sure their players are properly hydrated overall.

2. They can definitely make sure their players are properly hydrated during those hot Florida days.

3. It’s another good way to keep up with your players’ health.

4. You get to brag about your urinals.

I mean, seriously, how many other NFL teams can say they have urinals to detect hydration levels? (RELATED: NFL Proves Its Dominance Yet Again With Massive Ratings For A Preseason Game (A Preseason Game!)

Pretty cool if you ask me, now the Jaguars need to figure out the whole winning thing.