NFL Proves Its Dominance Yet Again With Massive Ratings For A Preseason Game (A Preseason Game!)

(Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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It’s like I always say … “the NFL is a modern day Roman Empire with no end in sight.”

There might have been no Aaron Rodgers, there might have been no DeShaun Watson and it might have been just a preseason matchup, but that didn’t stop the National Football League from pulling in crazy TV ratings for Thursday night’s Hall of Fame Game between the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns.

Watched by fans on NBC, Peacock and NBC Sports Digital, the contest had a total of 6.3 million viewers, according to the network.

That’s the highest ratings the NFL has had for the Hall of Fame Game since 2018, and another example of how the league not only dominates American sports, but the entire television landscape of the United States. The preseason numbers easily defeat the regular season numbers of other major sports in the country.

I’m always amazed at how dominant the NFL is.

I’ve been in sports media for 10 years, and every single year — never fails — there’s always been something about the National Football League steamrolling everybody else in the ratings. And though it’s not exactly shocking considering football is the greatest sport of all time, you can’t help but to just admire the power of this league.

It also explains why there’s some shadiness in the NFL, but you know the old quote… (RELATED: Fans Are Paying Over $550 For Tonight’s NFL Hall Of Fame Game Between The New York Jets And Cleveland Browns)

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

But that’s another story for another blog.