Ring Camera Catches Would-Be Home Intruder. Gun Owner Fights Back

ABC 23

William Thompson Contributor
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A Bakersfield man received footage of an alleged intruder ringing his doorbell near Sundale Country Club on Friday.

While he was  enjoying an evening out with his wife, Quincy Sloan noticed an alert from his Ring doorbell notifying him of suspicious activity on his doorstep, ABC 23 News reported. The Bakersfield Police Department (BPD) later confirmed that the suspect, identified as 38-year-old Tanarri Stocker, was armed with a firearm.

“We know this person had evil intent,” Sloan said.

Sloan told ABC reporters that when his special needs son opened the door, their dog, Ebony, immediately chased “[Stocker] to the next-door neighbor.”

The situation quickly escalated as Stocker proceeded to enter the neighboring property through a side gate and then breach the home, the outlet reported.

The video footage from Sloan’s Ring doorbell captured faint voices from the neighbor’s residence urgently shouting at Stocker to leave, the outlet noted. Shortly thereafter, the intruder can be heard firing two gunshots, per ABC.

BPD authorities reported that a resident responded by returning fire at the intruder. The neighbor then ushered his family to safety just moments before police officers arrived on the scene, Sloan said. (RELATED: Arkansas Homeowner Holds Alleged Intruder At Gunpoint After His Dogs Wake Him Up)

Sloan said that his neighbor “responded in a way that saved his family, and to potentially save my family,” per ABC.

The unsettling incident has left Sloan feeling apprehensive, leading him to advocate for heightened security measures among Bakersfield residents, the outlet noted. “We’re concerned because we don’t know how this all started, who’s involved,” Sloan told reporters.

After receiving medical assistance, Stocker remains in critical condition at a local hospital, according to BPD.