‘Alive And Moving’: Woman Buys Sealed Container Of Spinach, Gets Shock Of Her Life When She Opens It

Frog (Credit: Shutterstock/Ken Griffiths)

Lorenzo Prieto Contributor
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A woman from Detroit, Michigan, found a frog in a container of spinach she had just purchased, The Associated Press (AP) reported Thursday.

Amber Worrick said she bought a sealed can of Earthbound Farm spinach this week and her daughter was scared when she spotted a living frog inside it, according to The AP. “It was alive and moving,” Worrick explained. “Just thank God I didn’t eat the frog.” (RELATED: ‘Tiny Frog’ Travelled More Than 3,000 Miles In Banana Shipment)

The woman went back to the Meijer store to return the can with the frog. The workers released the frog and refunded Worrick, as the outlet reported.

Jennifer Holton, a spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Agricultural and Rural Development, said in an interview with the Detroit Press that the agency acknowledges the incident and has reported the event to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“No one filed a complaint, not the person or the store,” Holton said, according to the Detroit Press. “The store should have contacted MDARD or the FDA and the frog shouldn’t have been let go because we don’t know what type of frog it was. Whether this particular frog is indeed a pacific tree frog and may not be something native to Michigan’s eco-system.”

The Meijer store assured that the frog was released to a new location outdoors and that Worrick was refunded after the inconvenience.

The Taylor Farms company, which owns EarthBound Farm, also apologized for the unfortunate event, promising “to work tirelessly to provide the freshest, finest quality veggies for consumers,” according to The AP.

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