An Ode To Morgan Wallen’s Mullet

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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It has been three days since Friday, and I have finally come to terms with Morgan Wallen shaving off his mullet.

I believe it was “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan who once said that the mullet is a hairdo we should absolutely bring back. And he was right. But there was no modern mullet quite as legendary as Morgan Wallen’s.

And now it’s gone.

Wallen surprised concertgoers in Ohio on Friday with a completely shaved head, as seen in photographs shared on social media. A shockwave was sent around the world, as the singer — the biggest in America in 2023, and most of modern history — was barely recognizable without his iconic redneck warmer. (RELATED: The USA Mullet Championship Contestants Are Absolute American Legends In The Making)

The screams and cries of women echoed across the continent. A national day of mourning was announced by no one because politicians suck and only care about themselves and their investment portfolios.

Satire aside, there comes a time, usually toward the end of one’s 20s or during the early 30s, where we crave something drastically different to the day behind us. And changing our hair is one of the easiest ways to feel that evolution in ourselves. (RELATED: The True Life Story Behind Mega Viral Country Hit ‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’ Sent Chills Up My Spine)

Some of us (me) let our roots grow out. For Morgan, a shaved head is the way he’s wanted to go. And although the last few years have skyrocketed him to the type of success most people don’t even dream about (they think it’s so unattainable), he’s also had a lot of crap hit the fan.

I don’t blame him for wanting a fresh start. In fact, I respect him for it.