‘Barbie’ Turned Conservative Guys Into Male Feminist Simps, Poll Suggests

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A poll published Tuesday revealed 74% of conservative men think the “Barbie” movie improved their view of women in leadership positions.

The poll was conducted by ResumeBuilder, and focused on the topics of feminism and patriarchy in relation to the hit-movie,”Barbie.” The responses from participants are arguably some of the most bizarre I’ve seen in more than a decade of PhD-level social science research, and make absolutely no sense to me.

Apparently, some arbitrary percentage of people “who feel women make the best leaders jumped from 20% before watching the film to 29% afterward.” And two out of three respondents said watching the film made them think more about patriarchy in the workplace.

Like, no duh, that’s what the whole film is about. We should be worried about the one of three people who didn’t get that!

It is totally unclear how any men, or women, thought the “Barbie” movie made women look better in positions of leadership. I still don’t even really understand what the “Barbie” movie is, but it certainly wasn’t an advertisement for women in positions of power. The whole film was a pink, glittery acid trip with Ryan Gosling.

My gut feeling is that all of the conservatives who responded to the poll probably just said what they knew progressives would want to hear to get the polling over and done with. (RELATED: Hilarious Video Reveals Whether Conservatives Or Liberals Are More Attractive (Featuring Mike Lindell!))

The only other thing that could have prompted such responses is the fact that everyone feels slightly high after their first viewing of “Barbie.” Sure, there were elements that were inspiring when it comes to the lived experience of women, but that’s about it.

The poll was launched on August 10, 2023 and had 300 U.S. respondents. The survey creators did not note a margin of error, and 300 people were surveyed.