Mushroom ‘Barbie’ Hoax Is The Kind Of Chaos We All Need Right Now


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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If the “Barbie” movie wasn’t weird enough for you, a hoax perpetrated Tuesday by a bunch of anti-plastic folks is stranger than fiction for those of us not involved.

Journalists all over the world awoke the morning of Aug. 1 to an announcement supposedly from Mattel: all new Barbie dolls would be manufactured using mushroom products instead of plastic, and they’d look something like the monsters from “The Last Of Us.” Idiots who don’t understand how climate change works were apparently elated by the news; Barbie can die just like us now!

There was even a video released about it featuring Daryl Hannah. I won’t make y’all watch it — it’s a weekend and I don’t like to write about the apocalypse when it’s party time.

Ecowarriors united in their ignorance and championed Mattel for their ultra-progressive idea. The only problem is the whole thing was a hoax, and you’re going to die laughing when you hear who fell for it. (RELATED: Who’s The Alpha Blonde Dragging This Climate Protestor By Her Hair?)

People magazine and the Washington Times both reported on the announcement as if it was real. But the one that really surprised me was MarketWatch. Come on guys, you do real journalism (unlike the stuff I mostly write). Surely you know you’ve got to call all your sources, always!

My favorite part of this whole situation is that the “Barbie” movie is legitimately the closest thing I’ve seen to an acid or mushroom trip, so the fact these pranksters came up with this hoax is just way too full-circle for me. Sometimes we all need to experience something stranger than fiction that isn’t just the state of global politics.