Blac Chyna Says Raunchy Plastic Surgery Gave Her The Wrong Attention And Big Regrets

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous rapper Blac Chyna said she regrets getting plastic surgery and admits it garnered the wrong attention and left a bad impression on her young fans.

Blac Chyna spoke candidly about recently undoing several of her cosmetic surgery procedures, including dissolving her facial fillers and getting a butt and breast reduction done. Chyna did this “because of the things that [she] was attracting,” according to Entertainment Tonight (ET).

“You have to think about it like this… I could look at you and make any assumption right until you start speaking to me,” she said. “So my thing is before you even start talking to me or give me a chance I want you to see, ‘OK this is a well-rounded woman.'”


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The famous rapper admitted she was being misunderstood and pre-judged because of the way she had altered her appearance. She discovered people thought less of her and wouldn’t take her seriously.

“Not with these types of boobs and a big butt and the big lips. It put me in this category when that’s really not who I am internally,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

Blac Chyna expressed the desire to have people see her for the real person she is, not for the way she made herself appear through a series of cosmetic procedures.

Chyna admitted she went under the knife because “it was always something to set a trend.” (RELATED: Kylie Jenner Admit To Cosmetic Surgery, Admits Regrets)


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“Even from my cheek piercings that I had, all the girls went and got that. I used to have the super low bangs, all the girls loved that,” she continued.

“The tattoos and this and that and it’s like one of those things to where it’s like, ‘Hey, look at me.’ Once you get to that ‘Hey look at me’ point it’s like, ‘What then?'” she said.

Blac Chyna expressed the desire to have her tattoos removed but explained there would be “no way possible’ to do that since she had so many, per ET.