Here’s The Fake Name Joe Biden Used To Schedule A Discussion With Ukraine’s Former President

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James Lynch Contributor
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President Joe Biden used a fake name while he was vice president to schedule a meeting with then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, according to emails from the Hunter Biden laptop archive.

Joe Biden’s vice presidential assistant sent an email May 26, 2016, to “Robert L. Peters,” one of at least three aliases used by Biden, Hunter Biden’s laptop archive shows. John Flynn informed his “boss” of his upcoming meeting with Poroshenko. (RELATED: House Oversight Archived Records Of Joe Biden’s Communications About Ukraine And Burisma)

“Boss–8:45am prep for 9am phone call with Pres Poroshenko,” Flynn wrote to Joe Biden, with Hunter Biden cc’ed on the email. The president’s son was making over $80,000 per month as a board member of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma at the time of the meeting.

“Then we’re off to Rhode Island for infrastructure event and then Wilmington for UDel commencement. Nate will have your draft remarks delivered later tonight or with your press clips in the morning,” Flynn added. (RELATED: Hunter Biden Used Secretive PR Firms To Put Spin On Wikipedia Pages, Emails Show)

Joe Biden’s pseudonyms were first reported in 2021 by the New York Post. He also used the aliases Robin Ware and JRB Ware in addition to the Peters moniker, emails from his son’s laptop archive indicate.

“Prod [sic] of you, Love Dad,” Joe Biden emailed Hunter from the “Robin Ware” email account in November 2012. Joe Biden’s JRB Ware email account received a document entitled “Joe Biden_Photoshoot” in August 2017, his son’s email archive shows.

“Joe – I  am not crazy about any of the 13 photos below, so I asked them to send me the entire file of 250. Look at the note – you need 3 different photos for 3 different purposes- the book jacket, media and one of you and Jill,” Joe’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, wrote to Joe, Jill, Hunter and Ashley Biden.

The House Oversight Committee on Thursday requested the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) turn over any unredacted records of Joe Biden’s communications about Ukraine and Burisma when he was vice president, including then-VP Biden’s communications under his pseudonyms.

Biden previously called Poroshenko in February 2016, shortly after Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin had Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky’s property raided, Ukrainian outlet Interfax reported. Shokin filed his letter of resignation in the following days, and Ukraine’s parliament voted to remove Shokin the next month, the Kyiv Post reported.

Joe Biden bragged about how he pressured Poroshenko into firing Shokin when he spoke to the Council on Foreign Relations in September 2016.

“You remember last year I was authorized to say we’d do the second tranche of a billion dollars,” then-VP Biden said. “And he didn’t fire his chief prosecutor. And because I have the confidence of the president, I was there, and I said: ‘I’m not signing it. Until you fire him, we’re not signing, man. Get it straight. We’re not doing it.'”

Hunter Biden’s former business associate, Devon Archer, testified to the House Oversight in July about how Joe Biden spoke with his son’s business partners on over 20 occasions. Archer specifically recalled Joe Biden attending a spring 2014 dinner with Russian oligarch Elena Baturina and a spring 2015 dinner with Burisma executive Vadim Pozharskyi, according to his testimony.

Archer told Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson after his testimony that Shokin was considered a “threat” to Burisma’s business and also recalled a raid on Zlochevsky’s property. Archer sat on Burisma’s board with Hunter Biden and testified that Hunter “called D.C.” in December 2015 during Burisma’s board meeting in Dubai because of pressure from Zlochevsky and Pozharskyi. Archer could not confirm whether Joe Biden was on the receiving end of his son’s phone call. (RELATED: Joe Biden’s Office Devised Talking Points About Burisma Executive Right After Hunter ‘Called D.C.,’ Emails Show)

Archer also testified that the Biden family “brand” kept Burisma in business by shielding the company from legal scrutiny. Likewise, Archer told Carlson it was “categorically false” to insist Joe Biden had no knowledge of his son’s business dealings.

House Oversight has found bank records showing the Biden family and its business associates made more than $20 million from foreign business dealings with Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese, Romanian and Kazakh business partners.

The president said Archer’s testimony was “not true” during a confrontation with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy on Aug. 9. The White House previously said Joe Biden was “not in business” with his son.

The White House did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.