Pilot Goes To Toilet During Flight, Collapses And Dies Forcing Emergency Landing


William Thompson Contributor
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A LATAM Airlines flight performed an emergency landing Sunday night following the unexpected death of a pilot in an aircraft lavatory.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, designated LA505, was under the command of former Chilean Air Force pilot Iván Andaur. According to the Daily Mail, the 56-year-old aviator was en route from Miami International Airport to Santiago, Chile, when he fell ill aboard the aircraft.

“After 40 minutes the pilot asked us if there was a doctor on the plane,” an unnamed female passenger told the outlet.

Andaur’s deteriorating condition reportedly exhibited symptoms associated with cardiac arrest, per Daily Mail.

Aboard the flight, a registered nurse named ‘Isadora,’ along with two doctors, worked tirelessly to revive the collapsed pilot. Ultimately, Isadora asserted that they lacked the “necessary or sufficient supplies” to save Andaur, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Pilot Passes Out While Flying, Passenger Steps Up To Save The Day)

With Andaur incapacitated, two co-pilots assumed control of the aircraft, promptly executing an emergency landing at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, per Daily Mail.

Upon landing, the airline asked passengers to immediately “evacuate the plane because the situation had worsened,” a passenger stated. Despite the rapid response of paramedics and their diligent administration of first aid, authorities pronounced Andaur dead on the scene, the outlet reported.

The incident has now raised concerns over the airline’s emergency protocols and resource readiness.

“LATAM needs to improve the issue of protocol in case of health and medical emergencies like this where lives can be saved but the resources are needed,” Isadora said.

In response to the tragedy, LATAM expressed deep condolences to Andaur’s family in a statement, highlighting his 25-year career marked by “dedication, professionalism, and commitment.”