Live Broadcast Of Tropical Storm Hilary Interrupted By Earthquake

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It’s pretty insane what’s going on in Los Angeles right now.

As much of the region is starting to feel the effects of Tropical Storm Hilary, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake decided to rock Southern California.

The epicenter of Sunday afternoon’s earthquake was around four miles southeast of Ojai, California, and around 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The earthquake took place at 2:41 p.m. PT.

Following the earthquake, multiple aftershocks of lesser magnitude occurred, ranging from a 2.6 to 4.0.

KABC (also known as ABC7 Los Angeles), which covers Southern California news, was reporting on Tropical Storm Hilary live when the earthquake struck, elevating the already dramatic footage.


Holy crap, this is some apocalyptic stuff.

I mean, dang, not only is Southern California dealing with a tropical storm for the first time since 1939 — in other words, it very rarely happens — but they also have earthquakes poppin’ off in the middle of this whole thing. That’s a class A tale from the Bible as far as I’m concerned.

Just stay safe out there, Cali. I’ve always been a fan of Southern California, Los Angeles in particular.

How could you not be?

Just check out this beautiful city:

As a Floridian who is used to hurricanes, it’s bonkers to me that this is happening in LA. And Vegas at that. (RELATED: ‘Lock The Doors’: 50 Cent Blasts Los Angeles Over Flash Mob Robberies)

Stay safe, y’all. Stay shinin’ like my beloved Miami, who has had its fair share of hurricanes and tropical storms.