Britney Spears Wasted No Time Frolicking With A Group Of Men Post-Divorce Filing


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Britney Spears wasted no time at all getting frisky with a group of half-naked men after announcing she and Sam Asghari were getting divorced.

Spears started her promiscuous adventures by posing nearly-nude in her bed, wearing nothing but a thong. She rolled around on the bed, played with her hair, then raised one of her legs to her ear in a seductive, raunchy, social media moment posted to her Instagram account Sunday. That was quickly followed up with a video of a man licking her leg up and down. This was just the beginning of the fun, before other men joined the party.


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Spears wore a tight green glam dress that was a short, bedazzled looking number. The outfit was accented with knee-high white boots. She twirled around in front of the camera, her eyes concealed by the oversized glasses on her face, while a man wearing a hoodie dropped to his knees next to her.

Spears spread her legs shoulder-length apart and smiled seductively to the camera while the man started licking her leg up and down. The man holding the camera could be heard saying, “start at the boot, bro.”

That video quickly flipped to another clip that showed Spears lying horizontally while being held by four shirtless men. They all had smiles plastered across their faces while Spears was suspended in the air.

The party boys were standing in front of a pool and seemed to be getting ready to party.


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Spears wrote a caption explaining her version of the night’s events.

“When you go to meet up with a so called “friend” and drive an hour for chicken !!! Then you have to wait in the car and need to use the bathroom … I knew paps were tipped off because the car I was in was never used before … so how I was I followed ???” she said. (RELATED: ‘Sh*t Happens’: Britney Spears’ Husband Breaks Silence After Filing For Divorce)

“Malibu Canyon Road is the most horrible road ever to drive on … so what does a bitch like me do !!??! I put my green dress on and show up at my friends !!! I invited my fav boys over and PLAYED ALL NIGHT !!!” she wrote to Instagram.

Spears’s video of her all-male party comes on the heels of her divorce from Sam Asghari, who cited “irreconcilable differences” in his divorce filing August 16.