Watch This Total Badass Officer Pull Off A Movie-Like Move To Take Down Truck Running Over Crowd Of People

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @ATLUncensored]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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What on earth is going on in the A?

Making the rounds online, an utterly insane video shows a wacky Sunday evening in Atlanta ending with a police officer making an arrest at gunpoint.

A Georgia Safety Patrol (GSP) trooper was observing the intersection of 17th Street and Northside Drive which was closed down with traffic being blocked by a large crowd. The incident took place at approximately 7:35 p.m., according to a Monday statement by the Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS) obtained by Newsweek.

Posted to Twitter by the account ATL Uncensored, a video shows a black Ford F-150 doing donuts in the middle of the intersection crowded with vehicles and people on foot, which drew the attention of the police officer. When the F-150 driver realized that the cop was at the scene, he tried to flee, but it ended in outright disaster for the suspect.

The reckless driver, whose name is currently unknown due to Georgia DPS withholding that information, hit multiple pedestrians while trying to run away from police. One of the people struck suffered an injury, however, DPS would not disclose how serious it is. (RELATED: Guy Gets Jumped And Stomped After Massive Brawl Breaks Out In A Target)

While fleeing, the trooper quickly catches the truck and then does a Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) maneuver to turn it 180 degrees, causing it to stall and stop. The officer is then seen getting out of his vehicle quickly with his gun drawn, jumps and slides across the hood like a complete boss, and then makes the arrest in epic style.

Just an absolutely crazy scene in the A-Town.