Britney Spears Being Babysat By Manager And Lawyer As Her Life Spirals Out Of Control

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Britney Spears is free from her conservatorship, but that doesn’t mean she’s able to take care of herself — she apparently just has new “keepers.”

The pop star’s mental health has always been in question, but things have seemingly become more dire since the star’s husband, Sam Asghari, filed for divorce. Spears is visibly spiraling out of control with raunchy nude videos posted to Instagram and behavior that’s generally more erratic than the chaos we’re used to seeing from her. Spears’ manager, Cade Hudson, and lawyer Mathew Rosengart are now attempting to safeguard the star’s well-being, TMZ reported Tuesday.


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Spears is effectively alone after her marriage dissolved, but she’s not doing a very good job of keeping herself in check. She recently posted a clip of what most are assuming was a divorce party, featuring a man licking her leg up and down just before four shirtless men held her up, suspending the star in the air as she lay in their arms.

Her posts are cringey and getting progressively worse.

Recent reports indicate Hudson and Rosengart have become more involved in Spears’ life and are trying to mitigate the situation. They are trying their best to manage her behavior, well-being and professional career, according to TMZ.


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Their involvement allegedly extends as far as making sure Spears is fed multiple times a day and shows up to her appointments. In addition to trying to tone down Spears’ “crazy,” the duo are attempting to handle her professional opportunities and the projects she’s involved in, such as the launch of her new book, according to TMZ.

Total emancipation from Spears’ conservatorship doesn’t seem to have been the greatest idea, leading some to believe her autonomy should have been offered in gradual phases — or not at all. (RELATED: Britney Spears Takes Raunchy To A New Level)

Spears reportedly remains estranged from her entire family, with the exception of her brother, Bryan, who has been spotted visiting the star at her home occasionally, according to TMZ.

Rosengart isn’t overly concerned with Spears’ mental state and doesn’t plan to increase her medical care or therapy, the outlet reported, citing unnamed sources with direct knowledge of the situation. If only Rosengart could control the manic posts Spears keeps sharing on social media…