Astros’ Justin Verlander Tells Red Sox Manager Alex Cora To ‘F*ck Off’ To His Face

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This is absolutely hilarious.

Houston Astros superstar pitcher Justin Verlander clearly had no patience Tuesday night when Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora made a scene about his PitchCom, which lets catchers request specific types of pitches without using visible signs.

Verlander was dealing with an issue that caused a pitch clock violation in the second inning, and that’s when Cora decided to come out of the dugout to argue for an automatic ball.

Verlander, to say the least, wasn’t happy about it, and microphones captured the absolute insanity that came next.

“You shook him off five times,” Cora told Verlander, accusing him of wasting time by rejecting multiple requests from his catcher.

“I didn’t shake that at bat. Fuck off, Alex,” Verlander shot back.

The three-time Cy Young winner also spoke about the incident following the game.

“In part it was just me being like, ‘I’m done with this,'” said Verlander, per Fox News. “You do what you want, talk to the umpire. I’m going to worry about pitching.”


And just like that, Justin Verlander is cool again.

Nothing against Alex Cora and the Boston Red Sox, but this was straight up comedy. When Verlander signed with the New York Mets back in December, I wasn’t the happiest person in the world being an Atlanta Braves/Miami Marlins fan … though I did admire the spending power of ol’ money bags Steve Cohen. But since then, it’s been an utter disaster. I’ve just been pointing and laughing at the Mets (Verlander included). (RELATED: Check Out This Absolutely Insane Sport Called Calcio Storico Where People Can Legally Beat The Hell Out Of Each Other)

But now … back with the winning Houston Astros and telling people to “fuck off” … you got me back, Verlander.