Five Women Repeatedly Clog Toilet Leading To Brawl At Chicken Wing Restaurant

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Five women repeatedly clogged a toilet Saturday at a chicken wing restaurant in Central Florida, leading to a brawl with employees.

The suspects allegedly stuffed the toilet with several sheets of toilet paper before 9 p.m. at the Papa Bees in Longwood, a supervisor told police. There were no other customers inside the establishment at the time of the incident, an arrest report obtained by FOX 35 revealed.

An employee discovered a toilet clogged again after cleaning the bathroom. One of the five women was seen reentering the bathroom shortly after the employee exited, the report states.

A supervisor told the women multiple times to leave so she could close the restaurant after she learned one of the women deliberately clogged the toilet, the outlet reported. However, the suspects grew “irate,” screaming at the supervisor and refusing to leave, according to the report. (RELATED: ‘A Lot Of Screaming’: Woman Allegedly Crashes Car Into  Restaurant, Injuring 20 People)

One woman allegedly punched the supervisor in the face. The other women reportedly joined the fight immediately. They punched, kicked, pulled hair and threw items, according to police.

The supervisor was cut behind her ear and bruised on her arm and thigh. One employee was targeted for trying to help the supervisor. She suffered bruises to her eye and elbow after one woman slapped her, jumped on top of her and threw chairs, police said.

Several employees broke up the brawl. The suspects attempted to vacate the scene, destroying approximately $20 worth of items on their way out. They reportedly knocked over chairs and threw salt and pepper shakers before fleeing to the back of the building where they were treated by paramedics and detained by police.

Surveillance video confirmed that the employees were the victims of the attack, according to the report.

All five suspects were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, battery and criminal mischief. Kenisha Charles, Tyesha Charles, Keiyanda Charles, Jasmine Cline and Jahleigha Smith were booked at John E. Polk Correctional Facility by the Longwood Police Department and Seminole County Sheriff’s Office before they were all released on $1,026 bond.

Similar confrontations have occurred in Florida. Two families fought at Disney World after a dispute regarding a photo in May. Another Florida fight broke out due to frustration caused by heavy traffic at an intersection in May.