Punches Thrown, Hair Yanked In Intense Florida Road Rage Incident At Busy Intersection

(Screenshot/NBC-2/Dalton Lee)

Kate Hirzel Contributor
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An extreme incident of road rage erupted into a fight during heavy traffic in a Florida intersection Monday afternoon.

Eyewitness Dalton Lee sat at a red light and filmed the confrontation on his phone. The video shows a woman punching a man in a truck several times while yanking on his hair in the middle of the road. “I’ve seen lots of hand gestures and people yelling and honking horns but nothing to this extent,” Lee told NBC. “I’ve never seen anyone actually leave their vehicle and start a physical altercation.”

A good samaritan tried to break up the fight but was unsuccessful. Lee chose to stay in his car,  “It can be very dangerous to approach complete strangers physically like that.” (RELATED: Parent And Referee Brawl It Out During Youth Basketball Game)

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) said they are investigating the incident and also have allegations of a stolen cell phone. It is still unknown if the individuals know each other or are strangers. 

“Keep your calm because you never know what the other person could do,” a woman interviewed by NBC said. Encountering aggressive driving on the roads is a common occurrence, according to a survey conducted by American Automobile Association (AAA) Foundation for Traffic Safety in 2019. The results found 80 percent of drivers experienced at least one incident of road rage the month prior to taking the survey.

AAA offers tips to avoid confirmation on their website, “You will see other drivers doing things that are illegal, inconsiderate, and even incomprehensible.  Don’t respond personally. Most drivers are not thinking about their impact on you; they are just rushed, distracted, or upset.”

LCSO did not immediately respond to Daily Caller’s request for comment.