Top Industry Mogul Scooter Braun’s Entire Career Looks Like It’s About To Collapse

(Photo by LISA O'CONNOR / AFP) (Photo by LISA O'CONNOR/AFP via Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A-list artists are dropping the once-untouchable management legend Scooter Braun and refusing to give any definitive reasons why, Variety reported Tuesday.

Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato are all walking away from Braun’s management, according to Variety’s sources. To the everyman, this might not seem like huge news, but within the entertainment industry, it’s a jaw-dropping situation that’s leaving many people mouthing, “what the f*ck did he do?”

Braun was once a kingmaker within the entertainment world. Everyone under his management seemed to reach skyrocketing levels of fame. But rumors are spreading that Braun is spending more time managing his South Korean projects than the artists he vowed to support forever and his past behavior is apparently catching up with him.

While Bieber and Grande have not officially bailed on Braun, “reps are stonewalling and insiders are clamming up fast,” Variety noted, while multiple sources are confirming the split to other outlets, such as Billboard. J Balvin bailed on Braun just 18 months after signing with him. Even Kanye dropped Braun!

My gut feeling is that Braun flaked on his top clients and all of their careers are suffering as a result. When you’ve got Oliver Anthony, Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs as the biggest mainstream artists in the country right now, something has gone amiss within Braun’s previous control of chart-topping pop music.

It also doesn’t help that Braun is not exactly liked within the entertainment industry, Variety noted. Actually, he is genuinely disliked by his industry colleagues, apparently, for the most part. It’s rumored that Braun’s ego and his need to be seen as the good guy has even turned media outlets against him. It also didn’t help that Taylor Swift accused him of underhandedly acquiring the rights to her first six albums.

So it’s unlikely anyone will do anything to help him rebuild his reputation. Why would they? He’s given them no reason to be kind to him. (RELATED: Mega Rich Super Star Lizzo – Who Dressed As A Hefty Bag For The VMA’s – Whines About Being Oppressed)

It’s the same thing I tell all newbies to political media circuit: you can mess up and come back, but only so long as people like you. If you are a genuinely mean, jealous or an unnecessarily competitive person, you will eventually lose everything. Even if you make your way to the top, God or Karma will knock you back down and there will be no one there to help you back up. (RELATED: Haggard, Purple-Haired Scold Tells Girls Their Sports Are Too Pointless To Matter In The Trans Debate)

So it looks like the once-mogul will potentially go the same way as every other ego-driven male who puts power over people. It’s funny really. When the #MeToo movement started, I said the next big movement will be the cancellation of assholes and we seem to be watching that happen in real time.