Bodycam Video Shows Teacher Getting Confronted For Allegedly Being Drunk On First Day Of School

Screenshot/Youtube/Law & Crime

Frances Floresca Contributor
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Bodycam footage shows an Oklahoma teacher getting confronted over allegedly being drunk on the first day of school, according to footage shared by Law & Crime.

Police released bodycam footage of Kimberly Coates, 53, answering questions from Superintendent Doug Ogle, another staff member, and a police officer, according to the video. (RELATED: Virginia Teacher Placed On Leave For Reportedly Being Drunk At School)

“Do you have a prescription for anything that maybe you have taken today? Just seems like you’re not the same person that I talked to this morning,” Ogle asked in the footage.

“I did take some medication last night to help me with sleep because I have some anxiety stuff,” Coates replied.

Ogle told the teacher “to be truthful” and asked her to take a breathalyzer test.

She was then asked by police how much she drank after she allegedly blew a blood alcohol concentration of 0.24, three times the legal driving limit of 0.08, according to Law & Crime.

“I just don’t believe you right now, I think you’re lying to us,” Ogle said.

Coates also told police she drank wine the night before until 3 a.m., then she later allegedly admitted she was drinking as she drove to school, according to the outlet.

Police and Ogle suggested Coates call someone to pick her up and take her home or face arrest.

“I won’t even let you get in your vehicle right now. I’ll just arrest you for public intox,” a police officer said.

Ogle later came back with a cup apparently belonging to Coates, according to KFOR.

“Okay no more games, right? What was in that?” Ogle asked in the video.

Coates replied her juice was in the cup, but the police checked it and said “that layer is wine.” She then allegedly wiped the cup, leading to an arrest. After the teacher’s arrest, she was booked into jail then released, according to KFOR. The school district is conducting its own internal investigation.