Turley Explains The Big Problem With Leftists Claiming Hunter Was Simply Selling ‘Illusion’ Of Access

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley explained Monday the biggest problem with the claim that Hunter Biden was simply selling the “illusion” of access to President Joe Biden.

New evidence alleges Hunter’s business partner and Burisma board member Devon Archer met with then-Secretary of State John Kerry weeks before Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin was fired while investigating Burisma in 2016. Shokin was fired less than a month after Kerry met with Archer at the State Department, Fox News reported.

Turley responded to the news.

“What are people at home supposed to make? Because there is a lot to keep track of,” host Sandra Smith asked.

“The more evidence we get, the louder the call is from the Democrats to stop any further investigation. It really doesn’t make much sense. We now have a very troubling picture that is composed of financial records with over $20 million that is being transferred through a myriad of accounts that seem overly complex. Seems like the only purpose of those accounts is to hide those transfers,” Turley said.

“You have what I think now is accepted as sort of open influence peddling by Hunter Biden. That narrative has shifted. Now you have media admitting that he was selling influence and access, but they insist it’s an illusion. Well how do we know that? You don’t know if it’s an illusion or not until we get to the bottom of this.” (RELATED: ‘We’re Coming For You’: Nancy Mace Issues Massive Warning To Biden)

“And this meeting is just the latest such example. We need to know more about the meeting but that information is not forthcoming and that is why Merrick Garland and others are making the case for an impeachment inquiry. They’re leaving Congress very little choice,” Turley added.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy said Sunday that an impeachment inquiry into Biden is the “natural step forward” amidst the new information allegedly implicating the president in his son’s foreign business dealings.