McCarthy Says Impeachment Inquiry Is ‘Natural Step Forward’ For Biden

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy said Sunday on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden is the “natural step forward.”

Host Maria Bartiromo asked McCarthy whether he plans to bring an impeachment inquiry into the president as Congress returns in September.

“Only because Republicans took the majority have we found out what President Biden told us when he was running for office is not true. He said he never had any dealings with his son’s business, that he never even talked to him. We now found out not only did he call into the meetings, he went to dinner and after the dinner, Hunter Biden got a new Porsche, that there was $3.5 million transferred. We now found out as he was a sitting vice president the family created 20 shell companies. They received 16 of 17 payments from Romania while he was vice president. We now found that the money would flow to nine family members. He has to continue to change this. But since then we have found a movement of his administration of weaponization,” McCarthy said.

“If you look at all the information we have been able to gather so far, it is a natural step forward that you would have to go to an impeachment inquiry. Just so your viewers understand what that means, that provides Congress the apex of legal power to get all the information they need. Remember what is laying out there right now,” he continued. “We have an attorney general that could have lied to the American public, which he has now named a special prosecutor, they have said two different things.” (RELATED: Fired Ukrainian Prosecutor Says It Would Take ‘Half A Day’ To Go Through All Crimes He Was Investigating Bidens For)

“IRS whistleblowers that have come forward that show there are two forms of justice when it comes to America. But now when you look at this, it looks like a culture of corruption that’s been happening within the entire Biden family. You have to be able to answer that to the American public. The American public deserve an answer, who’s lying, what information went on, who paid, and what foreign governments we found now that we know FBI had an informant which got to a form of 1023 claiming that they had bribed then vice president and saying we would never find the money because they went shell companies and withheld that from the IRS individuals investigating Hunter Biden.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced  that David Weiss would be appointed special counsel to continue the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden. Weiss came under scrutiny after IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley testified that Weiss was not in control of the Hunter investigation. Weiss allegedly told a group of law enforcement officials in an Oct. 22 email that he was “not the deciding person on whether charges [would be] filed” in the Hunter case. Weiss has denied the allegations.