Ex-Secret Service Agent Reportedly Linked To Hunter Biden Bribed By ‘Real Housewives’ Star, Lawsuit Alleges

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James Lynch Investigative Reporter
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A new lawsuit is accusing former Secret Service agent Robert Savage of conspiring with “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Erika Jayne of conspiring to pursue false credit card fraud charges against Jayne’s former costume designer.

Jayne allegedly filed false refund requests onto her American Express card and her husband, Tom Girardi, allegedly bribed Savage to get his agents to criminally investigate former costume designer Christopher Psaila, according to an $18 million lawsuit filed Tuesday in California. (RELATED: Large Majority Of Americans Believe Hunter Biden Profited Off Joe Biden’s Political Office: POLL)

Text messages between Savage and Hunter Biden were reportedly found in the president’s son’s laptop archive, according to the New York Post. Savage’s lawyer previously told the outlet “my client has never met or communicated with Hunter Biden.”

Psaila’s lawsuit states that Jayne worked with an American Express employee to receive a refund of more than $787,000 for his services without giving him the opportunity to contest her claims. The costume designer provided Jayne between $800,000 and $900,000 of services from 2015-16 and had permission to charge her credit card for doing so, the lawsuit says.

Girardi, who is not a defendant in the case, allegedly bribed Savage by representing him in a civil lawsuit against Volkswagen and paying him $7,500 to compensate his damages, according to Psaila’s lawsuit. Girardi is now disbarred and facing federal charges in Chicago and Los Angeles for allegedly stealing client funds, the New York Post reported.

Secret Service agents allegedly gave Jayne a recording device in an attempt to get Psaila to say something incriminating, without having probable cause to give her the recorder. Psaila says he did not admit to any wrongdoing in the recording.

“Defendants AMEX and Grimm Aided, Abetted and Conspired with Defendants Erika Girardi, Ribatallada, Minden, and Secret Service Defendants Savage, Scarince and Henderson to Maliciously Prosecute Plaintiff without Probable Cause and in Reckless Disregard of the Evidence in Their Possession Establishing No Fraud Occurred and that Plaintiff Was Innocent,” the lawsuit reads.

Psaila was charged with federal wire fraud and aggravated identity theft in 2017 after Secret Service agents aggressively pursued the case, the LA Times reported. His case was dismissed in 2021 after the unfounded accusations nearly destroyed his business and damaged his personal life.

“Independent federal prosecutors at the U.S. Attorney’s Office made the decision to charge plaintiff with crimes, no one else,” Jayne’s attorney told NBC News.

“The notion that Erika controlled the U.S. Government, or for that matter a Fortune 100 company such as American Express, is fantasy.”