REPORT: ‘Brady Bunch’ Star Olivia Hack Files For Restraining Order Against Boyfriend’s ‘Unhinged’ Ex-Wife

Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Olivia Hack, known for her role on the “Brady Bunch,” recently filed for a temporary restraining order against Sabine Spekreijse, her boyfriend’s ex-wife.

Spekreijse, previously married to Paul Hogan, physically harmed Hack in August while she was Hogan’s house, according to court documents obtained by TMZ. Spekreijse allegedly arrived at Hogan’s residence screaming profanities, acting in a manner that Hack said “could only be described as unhinged.”

Spekreijse allegedly dug her fingernails into Hack’s thigh, leaving the actress, who played Cindy Brady in the “Brady Bunch” films, with scratches and a cut. Hack did not retaliate when Hogan’s ex-wife sat allegedly beside her on the sofa and injured her, opting to call the cops instead, the outlet reported. However, Spekreijse left before police arrived. (RELATED: REPORT: Paris Jackson Afraid For Her Life, Seeks Court Protection From Alleged Stalker)

Spekreijse reportedly revisited the next morning, pounding on Hogan’s door until she was told to leave. Hack alleges that Spekreijse constantly calls her boyfriend, despite the fact that they have been separated for three years, TMZ reported.

Hack claims she did not fight back when Spekreijse allegedly harmed her due to the size difference between both women. Hogan’s ex-wife stands at 6’1, according to Hack, while the 40-year-old actress is only 5’2, Daily Mail reported.

Spekreijse is prohibited from being within 100 yards of Hack, her home, her workplace and her car, according to the restraining order, which has been approved by a judge.

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