New York Times Op-Ed Blames Kia, Hyundai For Auto-Theft Crime Wave

Chrissy Clark Contributor
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The New York Times published an op-ed that blamed Kia and Hyundai for the growing number of car thefts taking place.

The opinion writer isn’t blaming the criminals. He’s blaming the cars. How stupid!

The op-ed begins by claiming a non-partisan criminal justice think tank believes the pandemic-era crime spike peaked in every area except auto thefts. The writer believes it’s because millions of Kias and Hyundais are just “ridiculously easy to steal.” Ah, yes, the cars were asking for it.

Seattle is suing Kia and Hyundai because the cars are allegedly too easy to break into as well. I have a radical idea. Why doesn’t Seattle spend those resources on prosecuting the criminals so there’s no incentive to steal cars?

Is Seattle going to sue YouTube and TikTok, too? Because that’s where people are learning to steal the cars. Maybe! Prosecuting everyone except the criminal seems to be the logic here.

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