Video Shows Angry Chipotle Customer Launching Burrito Bowl At Employee’s Face

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We really need to work on our employee-customer relationships.

Viral video circulating online shows a Chipotle employee in Parma, Ohio having to deal with some straight bull Tuesday night. An angry customer hammered her with a burrito bowl.

Rosemary Lynn Hayne, 39, has been charged with assault and disorderly conduct in the matter, according to police via FOX Cleveland.

The video was originally posted on Reddit and instantly went viral.

“We walked in, and it was really busy. You could tell they were slammed,” a witness said, per FOX Cleveland.

Footage shows the suspect bringing her Chipotle bowl to the counter and slamming it down as she confronted the employee. Just a few seconds later, she was seen tossing the entire burrito bowl at the worker’s face.

Chipotle in Parma, OH
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How much of a scumbag do you have to be to do something like this?

Not only were they busy, but I didn’t see anything aggressive whatsoever from the employee towards the customer. It just looked like the customer was being total trash.

Here’s the thing. It’s hard to get good help in modern times. I’ve had employees at different places throw attitude at me in just the past few days, when all I’m trying to do is be a “yes sir, no ma’am” customer. I get there’s a lot of lazy people out there who hate their jobs and they take it out on people just trying to go about their business. I completely get it.

But even then … is that enough to justify lashing out and throwing burrito bowls at people? (RELATED: Insane Video Shows Mom Throwing Hands With Coeds At Indiana Football Tailgate)

No, and then in this customer’s case, it’s made even worse because the employee wasn’t even giving her attitude.

But some people are just like that — straight bee-holes.

Let’s try to do better.