Actor Woody Harrelson Poses In RFK Jr. Hat, Libs Lose Their Minds

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Actress Cheryl Hines, wife of presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr, posted a selfie Thursday that showed her standing next to actor Woody Harrelson, who wore a “Kennedy 2024” hat.

“Great seeing you Woody,” Hines captioned the pic. Both she and Harrelson appeared pretty happy. It’s unclear whether this is an official endorsement of RFK Jr. from Harrelson, but it sure seems like it.

And of course, the libs lost their minds.


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“We lost Woody,” wrote one Twitter user. “Crap, I thought he died for a second, but this is worse,” another commented.

One woman had such a breakdown, you’d have thought she was Mark Cuban: “Good God almighty. Woody Harrelson what in the hell happened to you? RFK Jr, really?” (RELATED: MSNBC Writer Hilariously Complains That GOP Candidates, RFK Jr., Have Gone Full Gym Bro Mode In Lead Up To 2024)

Harrelson has previously dropped hints that his political views do not entirely align with liberal Hollywood. When he hosted “Saturday Night Live” in February, he criticized the COVID-19 vaccine and described himself as politically “purple.”

People seemed conflicted in the comments on Hines’ post. Some were incredibly supportive, while some seemed annoyed. But almost everyone seemed to agree that President Joe Biden did not deserve a second term, and that the Kennedy campaign was being heavily censored online.

“It’s not that Biden is frail and out of touch, it’s that he’s mean, dishonest, compromised, and frail, and out of touch. Glad that RFK Jr. is speaking out. Don’t know that I’d vote for him, but glad he’s speaking his mind and slowly breaking through the entrenched censorship of thought. We should all be able to share diverse and independent thought without fear or censorship,” one user wrote. (RELATED: Woody Harrelson And Bill Maher Get High AF And Rip Apart ‘Big Government’ And ‘Big Pharma’)

“I’m not a democrat, but your husband has my vote. It’s pretty wild that a majority of my liberal friends have never even heard of him. The censorship around his campaign is interesting. Hence why [I] believe his message is important for the American people to hear,” wrote another.

If he officially endorses RFK Jr., Harrelson will likely join fellow actor James Van Der Beek in pushing Biden to agree a primary debate. At the time of writing, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) does not plan to hold any debates between Biden and his 2024 challengers.