EXCLUSIVE: Rob Gronkowski Gives Outright Hilarious ‘No’ After Question On Men In Women’s Sports

[Daily Caller/Screenshot/Public — Joel Gibbons]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Gronk just became even more legendary.

Four-time NFL Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski was visiting the U.S. Capitol with his French bulldog Ralphie, meeting with Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other lawmakers Tuesday.

Gronkowski was in the building on behalf of Anivive, a veterinary pharmaceutical company that is working on a vaccine for Valley Fever, a fungal infection caused by the fungus Coccidioides, which impacts dogs. Coccidioides is found in the southwestern United States and in parts of Mexico.

During Gronk‘s visit, Daily Caller reporter Joel Gibbons caught up with the NFL legend and had the opportunity to ask him the most heated question in all of sports right now.

“Should men be allowed to play in women’s sports?”

Yeah, Gronk wasn’t having any of that, giving the most hilarious “no” in typical Gronk fashion.


Okay … first off, shout out to my man Joel for getting an exclusive for the Daily Caller. You the real MVP!

Second, I always knew Rob Gronkowski was a cool dude and I’ve always been a fan of his fun lovin’ ways, but holy hell, this just makes him so much cooler. Not only did my man get super political without saying a word, not only was he completely based in his response, but he did it in outright comedy gold!

God, this is so great. And I’m sure a lot of conservatives would agree … It feels good to be a fan of somebody that you later find out to be on your side of the political aisle on this issue. Most of the time, celebrities are on the left, so it’s always refreshing to see somebody on our side of the spectrum on a topic like this, especially when that somebody is Rob Gronkowski. (RELATED: Lefties Are Pushing For The Jets To Sign Colin Kaepernick After The Aaron Rodgers Injury. We Need To Make This Happen)

So dope, man. But what else would you expect from Gronk?