EXCLUSIVE: Rob Gronkowski Ends One Of The Greatest Debates In All Of Football With Brady Over Belichick Pick

[Daily Caller/Screenshot/Public — Joel Gibbons]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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The debate is officially over!

New England Patriots legend Rob Gronkowski paid a visit to the U.S. Capitol to meet with Speaker Kevin McCarthy and lawmakers Tuesday, being joined by his French bulldog Ralphie.

Gronkowski made an appearance in the halls of Congress in representation of Anivive, which is a veterinary pharmaceutical company currently working on a vaccine for a fungal infection called Valley Fever — caused by the fungus Coccidioides — that affects dogs. Coccidioides is found in both the southwestern United States and parts of Mexico.

While Gronk was in D.C., Daily Caller reporter Joel Gibbons caught up with the former Patriot to get him to settle the debate once and for all in regard to who is better between his ex-quarterback Tom Brady and ex-head coach Bill Belichick.

“Who’s greater? Tom Brady or Bill Belichick?” asked Gibbons.

Gronk responded smoothly, simply saying “number 12, number 12.”

“He threw me the ball,” said Gronkowski.

And just like that, the debate is over.


Man, Gronk is such a smooth cat.

My guy manages to be a party animal, a straight-up comedian and, as you see in this example, one smooth motha — shut your mouth! Man, I love Rob Gronkowski, such a cool dude. But not only is he all of the above, but he’s also 100% correct with his pick.

Nothing against Bill Belichick, he’s the greatest head coach in NFL history as far as I’m concerned, but Tom Brady was the one on the field. It’s like Gronk said, “he threw me the ball.” Brady won six Super Bowls in New England with Belichick, and then turned around and won a seventh Super Bowl in his first year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Rob Gronkowski Gives Outright Hilarious ‘No’ After Question On Men In Women’s Sports)

So yeah, without a doubt, Tom Brady is the greater out of the two.

And thanks to Gronk, we can finally put this debate to rest.