Carolina Panthers’ Miles Sanders Believes Aliens ‘Take Over’ Human Bodies

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Let’s take a trip down the rabbit hole with Miles Sanders.

More and more evidence continues flowing into the public that both aliens and UFOs are indeed real. If you ask Carolina Panthers running back Miles Sanders what he thinks, he’s going to tell you that they are.

Posted on Panthers social media, Sanders was asked in a ‘Cart Talk’ interview why aliens would have interest in coming to Earth, to which Sanders responded, “Because Earth is awesome.” He went on to explain how massive the universe is, and how that guarantees Earth isn’t the only planet with life on it.

“You know how big the universe is, right?” asks Sanders rhetorically. “They’re here. Trust me, they’re here.”

Sanders’ hottest take on aliens, though, had to be when he said he believes they possess humans.

“I actually think aliens come on this Earth and then take over someone’s body,” says Sanders.


As far as I’m concerned, Miles Sanders is one based dude.

I have my own views on aliens, which I’m not going to get into because they’re way too complex and might get me in trouble, but absolutely, I believe in aliens. How could you not with everything that’s come out? (RELATED: Vikings Or Eagles? Ravens Or Bengals? Dolphins Or Patriots? Andrew Powell Makes His NFL Week 2 Picks)

Especially in the past couple of days:

Aliens are most definitely real, and my man Miles is out here speaking the truth about it. Based.