Massive Brawl Breaks Out At Pizza Shop After Customer Goes Behind Counter And Asks For All The Smoke From Employees

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — JustVideos]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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This dude looks like an idiot and OG at the same time.

Wild video circulating online shows four employees at a pizza shop jumping a customer after he refused to get out from behind the restaurant’s counter.

The footage begins with the man trying to grab a Toppers Pizza employee by his arms while the worker was yelling at him to “get out!” Clearly not leaving, the employee then throws a punch at the customer — barely missing his face — escalating the situation to a massive brawl after the man threw a molly whop of his own.

Jumping in would be three other employees, including a female, to help out their colleague as they launched punches (and slaps from the female) of their own in an attempt to take the man down after he launched after the original worker once again. And all this was going on while the target employee was being dragged while holding on to the man’s leg for dear life.

And then, while the customer was fighting another one of the workers, the original employee grabs his crotch in either an attempt to flip or hurt him by squeezing his crown jewels, though that would fail in flying colors with the man being so gigantic.

If it sounds like outright chaos, that’s because it was. Goodness gracious.


My man wanted ALL the smoke!

I’m not sure what exactly sparked up the fight, and if I had to guess, it was probably the employee being a prick (like, why was he behind the counter to begin with?) — though Toppers Pizza did apologize for the matter, so who truly knows what happened here. But all I know is that even though he looked like an utter clown with his completely ripped up shirt, you can tell that the customer is a straight up G out of the old school. You can just tell, man. (RELATED: Over A Dozen Students Arrested After Massive Brawl Erupts At Florida High School)

Quite frankly, those employees are lucky. This could have gone much worse with a dude like that.

UPDATE — Topper’s Pizza has provided the Daily Caller with the following statement: “The utmost priority at our restaurants is the safety and well-being of our guests and team members. While we do not condone violence of any kind, we likewise cannot allow guests behind our counter for any reason. We are thoroughly investigating this incident in cooperation with local authorities and will use this experience to develop training and procedures to ensure something like this does not happen again.”