Blood Left Everywhere In Wild Brawl Between Jets And Cowboys Fans

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Holy cow, Sunday was insane!

Football is a violent sport by nature, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it breeds violence off the field (especially with how beautifully passionate Americana is about the game). But wow, Week 2 had so much of it, more than usual — and I’m here for all the popcorn content!

I’ve already covered how Houston Texans fans were beating the hell out of each other while getting blown out by the Indianapolis Colts, we went over how Denver Broncos safety Kareem Jackson was ejected (again) against the Washington Commanders for putting a player out of the game with a concussion (again) and we discussed how a big country boy out of Cincinnati headbutted a fellow Bengals fan who was talking ish to him while he was getting arrested.

Now insert New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys fans, who beat each other into a bloody pulp (literally) during the ‘Boys 30-10 win. I’m not exactly sure what sparked this up, but uhh … just grab your popcorn.



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Ahh, football season is such a magical time.

Now normally I look down on people who partake in fights and call them morons, and don’t get me wrong, these people are (especially the Jets fans), but seeing that pure passion that we Americans have for football play out … quite frankly, it’s absolutely beautiful, even when it’s chaotic idiocy like this.

I don’t know what it is, maybe my interest in psychology and the human psyche, but our extreme fandom for football is so extraordinarily fascinating to me — has been for years now. And it’s outright entertaining at that. (RELATED: Country Boy Bengals Fan Knocks Dude Out Cold With Headbutt While Already Getting Arrested)

Keep up the spirit, football fans. I’m all for the crash content.