Houston Texans Fans Throw Blows At Each Other In Gargantuan Brawl As Team Gets Routed By Indianapolis Colts

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Sad times in the H-Town.

After the Houston Texans had a good NFL Draft in April, there were expectations in the city that maybe they could do a little something this season. However, two weeks into the new campaign and it’s been absolutely atrocious football.

In the first slate of games Sunday, the Texans squared off against the Indianapolis Colts, with Houston never really being in it with things getting out of hand quickly to lead them to a double-digit deficit for a strong portion of the contest. At one point, the boys from H-Town were down, 31-10.

As a result, there’s a lot of misery floating around Houston, you know how passionate us Americans get about football. Well, it’s no different in this classic southern town, and that showed in NRG Stadium as the fan base is now fighting each other to take out their frustrations. And I mean literally fighting each other, throwing blows, such powerful knocks that you can hear them clearly on video.

Now that’s football fandom, and I love every single second of it.


What a show.

Yeah, everybody looks ignorant here, but I can appreciate the entertainment value. And even more so, I appreciate the passionate football fan being on clear display here.

You can be sure somebody said something about how crap the Texans are, another Houston fan didn’t appreciate the words and things escalated from there. And alcohol was probably involved too considering the Bill Gates Light ads being everywhere, but you get my point.

I’ve always been intrigued by how wacky Americans get over football (myself included), and here’s another example. How can you not love a fan base beating the hell out of each other because their team sucks? (RELATED: Massive Brawl Breaks Out At Pizza Shop After Customer Goes Behind Counter And Asks For All The Smoke From Employees)

Man, I love that intensity, what this game does to us. Such a beautiful game.

I love you, football.