‘I Owe Proper Praises To God’: Saints’ Demario Davis Passionately Preaches To America About ‘Sharing The Gospel’

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I really need to get me a Demario Davis jersey.

Last week, I blogged about New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis and how he spoke in a postgame media availability about his daughter suffering from epileptic seizures, which then led into a moving message from Davis about the power of faith and prayer.

It was absolutely powerful, and felt like a breath of fresh air to Christians all across America.

Well, Preacher Davis — I’m totally calling him that now — is back again with yet another sermon that just hits ya. He delivered the remarks after Monday Night Football, when his Saints improved to 2-0 with a win over the Carolina Panthers.

“Well, I wasn’t going to preach today, I wasn’t going to do that,” Davis told reporters. “But if I didn’t, then I would not be being obedient. I told the Lord today that if I went back to the podium I would make sure to praise Him the proper way. The last time I was up here, God did an extraordinary work through me.”

“With that I owe proper praises to God. It had very little to do with me and everything to do with Him. So I have to be obedient,” he added.

Davis also gave an update on his daughter, saying that she had “a phenomenal week” and has a “full bill of health.”

“The knock at the door was answered and God came in and did a wonderful work in my family,” said Davis. “The reality is when you see a message that strong, there’s a lot of people who are out there hurting. There’s a lot of people waiting on a knock.”

Davis then urged his fellow Christians to always be “sharing the gospel.” (RELATED: ‘The Word Says Who Jesus Is’: Saints’ Demario Davis Delivers Powerful Message About The Power Of Faith And Prayer)

“That’s what we’re to be doing as Christians, that’s what we’re to be doing as believers, is sharing the gospel, preach the gospel. The word says, ‘For I am unashamed of the Gospel. For it’s the power of God to bring salvation to all who believe,'” he said, quoting Romans 1:16. “And that’s what the world is needing … People are hurting. People who are going through present-day situations who need healing need God in their life, and only the power of God can save them.”

Davis didn’t hold back when it came to America’s need for the gospel across all its institutions.

“Preach the Gospel,” Davis said. “Share the gospel. In our schools. Our schools need God. Share the gospel in our courtrooms. Our courtrooms need God. Share the gospel in the hospitals. Our hospitals need God.”


Man, I love this guy! Glory to God!