Sophia Culpo Reveals How She Found Out Braxton Berrios Cheated On Her

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Supermodel Sophia Culpo revealed she discovered Braxton Berrios allegedly cheated on her when her sister Olivia Culpo broke the news to her, and when someone close to the Jets tipped her off.

Sophia said her two-year relationship with the Dolphins receiver came to a grinding halt after Olivia called her while in Arizona for a Super Bowl party, and when Berrios allegedly bragged about his infidelity to someone she knew.

“Someone we know was doing some digging for me around the team, and that was how I got confirmation that this wasn’t the first girl also,” Culpo said on a recent episode of her sister Aurora’s “Barely Filtered” podcast.

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“[Berrios] was like, ‘Ladies don’t have to know about tonight,’ and this teammate was like, ‘I’m single, so, it’s fine.’ [Berrios] goes, ‘Oh, well I’m having fun tonight,” Culpo recalled.

However, Culpo said her sister Olivia had already tipped her off about Berrios allegedly cheating.

“Technically, first I found out from Olivia because she was there [in Arizona for a Super Bowl party]. She calls me, and she’s like, ‘I’m so sorry. I want you to hear this from me. He’s cheating on you,” Culpo said on the podcast.

She described the feeling of shock and disappointment when discovering her ex-boyfriend’s infidelity.

“I just remember my stomach drops,” she said. “I want to throw up … and then I call him and I go, ‘Was there anything you want to tell me?’ ” Culpo said.

What happened next took a real toll on her, and she instantly knew her relationship was officially over.

“I never heard this tone in his voice” Culpo said, referring to the answer of “no” Berrios gave her. (RELATED: Olivia Culpo Said She Couldn’t Afford Groceries After Breaking Up With Nick Jonas)

She explained how the breakup concluded.

“We had a long conversation, and one of the last things I will never forget him saying to me was, ‘I wouldn’t go forward with that story because that’s not how I remember it,'” she said.

At the Super Bowl festivities in Arizona, Berrios was allegedly with TikTok star Alix Earle, according to the New York Post.