‘Very Interested In My Personal Life’: Lauren Boebert Responds To ‘Heartbreaking’ Surveillance Video Of Theater Date


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Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert spoke about the viral surveillance video of her theater date on Friday’s episode of “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

Boebert said that she “messed up” and said the mistake was a result of being “human.” Boebert was caught participating in intimate behavior during a live performance of “Beetlejuice.” (RELATED: Lauren Boebert Says She’s Ditching Man Who Fondled Her Breasts In Theater Because He’s A Democrat)

“You know, obviously, everyone is very interested in my personal life, and me going through a very difficult divorce. And as a mother of four boys and a grandmother to a beautiful grandson, that’s my first job before anything else and my priority. It’s certainly been taxing on me and my family, but, yeah to have this experience broadcast before the whole world, something that was in the dark, is certainly heartbreaking to watch, to see,” she said.

“And, I have apologized to my constituents, will continue to do so, all of those in Colorado who may have felt let down, I hear you, and all I can do is promise to do better. And, I certainly will. The best apology, I believe, is changed behavior,” Boebert said.

Boebert added that she’s “truly humbled” from the experience. She acknowledged that her actions may have been a “burden” to her constituents. She added that the viral footage was a distraction from the looming government shutdown, federal debt, a potential impeachment of President Joe Biden, and the southern border.

“I have real work to do for my constituents,” Boebert said. She added that she has “peacefully parted ways” with the man she attended the performance with.

Boebert’s date reportedly owns a gay-friendly bar that has hosted drag shows in the past, according to the New York Post. Boebert’s ex-husband Jayson apologized to her in a lengthy Facebook post, in which he promised to do everything he can to “rebuild the trust that has been shattered.”