‘This Is The Worst We’re Gonna Be’: Deion Sanders Pops Off Warning And Talks His Ish After Blowout Loss To Oregon

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Deion Sanders — the only man who can still swag the hell out after a loss.

Coach Prime and the Colorado Buffaloes faced off against Oregon, being on the receiving end of a 42-6 blowout loss Saturday night. But in the postgame press conference, there was nothing about Mr. Midas Touch that was defeated. In fact, he issued a warning: “You better get me right now. This is the worst we’re gonna be.”

“You better get me right now, this is the worst we’re gonna be,” said Sanders. “You better get me right now … because I like what I see. I know I got on shades, but I can see the future, and it looks really good.”

Sanders then called out his team for the L, saying they got their “butt kicked” and they need to move on.

“If we had a talent gap we wouldn’t be 3-1 right now,” said Sanders. “Nah, there’s not a talent gap. You just got your butt kicked, that’s just what happens sometimes. Just as a fighter, you got caught.

“Get your butt up and let’s go. We ain’t got time for no pity party. Ain’t nobody walking around the locker room with napkins and tissues. Get your butt up, let’s get on that plane and let’s go”

Deion then shifted his attention towards his opponents, saying they just want to beat him rather than his Buffs.

“I don’t think we have a target on our back,” said Sanders. “Teams are just trying to beat me, they’re not trying to beat our team. They keep forgetting I’m not playing anymore. That’s what it really is.”


Y’all know how I always call Deion Sanders “Mr. Midas Touch”?

Here’s yet another example of that, where his Buffs get outright hammered and he still comes out of the game with an incredible amount of swag. I won’t lie, when I was watching the game, I couldn’t help but to be sitting there thinking, “that’s the last time I’m ridin’ with Colorado for a while.” (Referencing my weekly college football picks)

But then after his press conference, I’m like … all of a sudden I believe in the Buffaloes again. I legitimately believe Prime when he says this is the worst they’ll ever be. And just like that, you feel like everything will be all good in Boulder. That’s the Deion effect. (RELATED: Mr. Midas Touch Strikes Again! Deion Sanders Is Making Colorado A Lot Of Money, And In A Lot Of Different Ways: REPORT)

Mr. Midas Touch, even in a 42-6 blowout. Incredible.