Toddler, 2 Adults Killed Over Dog Sale In Florida, Police Say

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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A 3-year-old child and two adults were fatally shot late Saturday evening at a Florida apartment complex due to a dispute over the sale of a dog, authorities said.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Assistant Chief J.D. Stronko held a briefing with reporters on the grim situation, revealing that five individuals, including the young child, went to a luxurious apartment complex around 10 p.m. Saturday. Their purpose was to meet with others regarding the potential sale of a dog.

Unfortunately, a heated disagreement escalated into gunfire, Stronko said. Amid the altercation, three of the individuals were tragically shot and lost their lives, while a fourth adult from the group sustained injuries. Eyewitnesses told authorities that two men made a hasty escape in a vehicle.

“For reasons that are unknown to us at this time, a dispute ensued in a breezeway between two of the apartment buildings, resulting in four of the five individuals being shot,” he said. “Of those individuals who were shot, three are now deceased. That includes a 3-year-old child. Suspect information is limited at this time.”

The adult victims who lost their lives and the wounded person were all in their twenties, though their identities have not been disclosed at this time. Stronko refrained from releasing information about the wounded individual’s condition. (RELATED: Video Footage Shows Wild Scene Of Gunman Firing Shots From Behind Dumpster, SUV Crashing Into Dumpster)

Just yesterday, 3 people were killed in a shooting in Atlanta. The deceased included a 17-year-old and the two others who were in their 20s and 30s. An armed man confronted the two individuals and began firing at them. One of the victims managed to return fire, and fatally shot the gunman. Tragically, all three individuals involved in the confrontation succumbed to their injuries.