New Mexico State QB Diego Pavia Hilariously Caught On Video Apparently Peeing On Rival New Mexico’s Lobos Logo

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — KOB 4]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Now this is a rivalry!

New Mexico State University starting quarterback Diego Pavia hilariously appeared to pee on the Lobos logo of their rival University of New Mexico, according to video obtained by KOB 4. The incident reportedly took place inside of UNM’s indoor practice facility.

Pavia is also seen in the footage apparently giving the middle finger to another Lobo logo in the building.

A junior out of NMSU, the Albuquerque-native played high school football at Volcano Vista and then went on to New Mexico Military Institute, a junior college, prior to becoming an Aggie.

KOB 4 contacted both schools for comment.

“We are aware of the video and notified NMSU Athletic Administration of its existence on Monday morning,” a UNM spokesperson told KOB 4.

A NMSU spokesperson also went the simple route, saying, “Any information regarding the potential discipline of a student would be protected under federal privacy laws.”

This is the kind of petty ish that I like to see in a rivalry!

It’s funny, because if you read KOB 4’s article, everybody took the politically correct route and said that it was wrong and bad and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Whatever, man. This is football! And college football at that!

What are rivals supposed to do? Sit around at a campfire and sing hippy songs together?

Screw that noise!

I want “Catholics Vs. Convicts” t-shirts!

I want corny rap videos!

As a Miami Hurricanes fan, I personally enjoy the heated rivalries with schools such as Notre Dame, Florida State, Florida and so on — that’s what makes football (and sports, period) so much more fun. Who doesn’t like beating up on their rival?

So what your practice field got pissed on, get even!

That should be the name of the game, not crying about it to the media. (RELATED: Checkmate: Oregon Completely Owns Deion Sanders’ Colorado With Cinematic Glory That Exposes Buffaloes’ Trash Talk)

Damn, I hate how soft we’ve gotten as a society, and now it’s creeping into our football rivalries.

Sad, just sad. What has happened to my America?