Checkmate: Oregon Completely Owns Deion Sanders’ Colorado With Cinematic Glory That Exposes Buffaloes’ Trash Talk

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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It’s official: Oregon has 100% owned Colorado.

Heading into last weekend, there was a ton of hype surrounding the Colorado Buffaloes football program due to their 3-0 start and being fresh off an intense rivalry victory over Colorado State (and then there’s also the financial side). But as we know, all of that came to a screeching halt Saturday after Oregon absolutely demolished them in a 42-6 blowout.

If that wasn’t already a complete own, the Ducks solidified it with a cinematic recap of the game — that I personally have to admit, as a Coach Prime supporter, is incredibly dope. And what made it so damning for the Buffs was the fact that Oregon showed a solid amount of footage of Colorado players talking trash prior to the game … just for it to end, you guessed it, 42-6.

Buffaloes cornerback Shilo Sanders, who is the son of head coach Deion Sanders, was seen first on the clip threatening to “beat the fuck out of” both Ducks players and head coach Dan Lanning.

“I’ll beat the fuck out of every one of y’all and your coach,” Sanders said to Oregon. “Why y’all so little? We finna run through y’all ass.”

And the ish talking just escalated from there, with other players blatantly disrespecting the Ducks and their field.

“I’d like to report a crime, to the murder to these Ducks” … man, I can’t get over how much Colorado got owned here.

I don’t know who I’m going to pick yet in this weekend’s game between the Buffaloes and USC, but I admit, I have some serious doubts after that ass whoopin’ Oregon gave Colorado. I mean, yeah, Deion Sanders made me feel better about them after his postgame comments, but then when you see video of them talking that amount of trash and partaking in that amount of disrespect just to get clobbered?

It definitely takes some magic away.

I don’t want to pile on the Buffs, people are already doing that enough, and I love Coach Prime…

But damn, this is embarrassing. Such an epic owning by the Ducks. (RELATED: Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes Fall Out Of Top 25 After Blowout Loss To Oregon; New Top 4 Emerges)

Kudos, Oregon. Kudos.