‘I’ll F*cking Kill You’: Nutbag Golfer Chases Man Before Blasting Another Guy With His Club

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Just days after an unhinged golfer went viral for ripping his shirt off like the Hulk and nearly committing unspeakable violence, we have a video making the rounds that shows actual violence on the golf course.

I’m not sure where all of this went down, but the footage — published by ziregolf on Instagram — shows a nutbag golfer chasing another golfer on the green while carrying a golf club and yelling, “I’ll fucking kill you.”

Well, damn.

A third golfer walks up to the guy in what appears to be an attempt to calm him down, but that turns out to be a massive mistake. When the nutbag realizes the dude is approaching him, he runs over to him and absolutely blasts him with the club, and then continues to run after the man he was initially chasing.

Just another day at your friendly neighborhood golf course, good lord.



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I totally need to see the bruise on that guy, because my god, that was a hell of a shot.

From the sounds of things, it was a flare-up from perceived slow play. A commenter on the video named Eric Mulder — who appears to have been part of the group that encountered the nutbag golfer — wrote that “the guy drove the green on a par 4 and the other group (mine) teed it up back at them.”

Mulder also said that the crazy club-swinger was arrested.

So, now the dude is in jail (or was in jail) because he was mad about slow play. (RELATED: ‘COME GET IT’: Unhinged Golfer Rips Off Shirt And Challenges Rival Group To Fistfight Over Stolen Ball)

Was it really worth it, my man?

I say it all the time, and I’ll say it again … people have lost their ever-lovin’ minds.