CFL’s BC Lions Comically Interested In Signing Colin Kaepernick

(Photo by Jaime Crawford/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I don’t know what’s more hilarious… Colin Kaepernick potentially playing football again, or who’s interested.

Writing a letter to the New York Jets begging and pleading them to be on their practice squad, Kaepernick still remains an unsigned… free agent? (LMAO)

But there’s hope for the communist quarterback!

Not throwing a pass in the NFL since 2016, a professional football team is now actually interested in adding Colin Kaepernick to their roster — it’s just not a team in the National Football League (because, of course, it’s not).

Apparently, Kaepernick has generated some interest from a team in the Canadian Football League (CFL), with the BC Lions adding the radical far-leftist to their negotiation list, according to TSN.

It is currently unknown whether or not Kaepernick has any reciprocated interest. (SPOILER ALERT: He won’t)

Man, what a clown-fest.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, this dude isn’t actually interested in playing football. Every time we see a stunt like this from Kaepernick, it’s just an attempt to boost his relevancy.

It’s like back in 2019 when the NFL tried to set up a private workout with him with all 32 teams having access, but nope, he had to pooh-pooh all over it citing “transparency and blah, blah, blah” — basically, any excuse that he could find to get out of it, going on to hold some other “workout” at a high school.


It’s why he’s begging to go on the practice squad of a New York City-market team. It’s all about staying relevant without actually having to deal with the pressures of winning and getting smashed by a 350-pound linebacker. (RELATED: Colin Kaepernick Begs NFL Team To Let Him Join Practice Squad)

And as far as the BC Lions are concerned, this is nothing more than a publicity stunt for them, they know Kaepernick isn’t going to be interested in their little CFL offer. Kaepernick wants NFL relevance… without actually having to play.

I do hope the Jets change their minds though… a dysfunctional team with a dysfunctional quarterback.

Sounds like a perfect marriage to me.