Department Of Wildlife Conservation Absolutely Rips Taylor Swift Over Travis Kelce

(Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The infamous Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation absolutely ripped singer Taylor Swift and Chief’s tight end Travis Kelce’s relationship in a tweet on Thursday.

For those who don’t already follow the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, you are missing out on a daily dose of absolute hilarity. Blending the natural world with pop culture is in the veins of whatever genius runs this account, and absolutely no one is safe from their ridicule.

While the world wets itself over the idea Swift and Kelce are a legitimate couple, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation took the time to post this gem:

Do I believe Swift and Kelce are seriously dating? No. Not even a little bit. Both of them needed some major PR. Swifty can never be single, and Kelce needs fame outside of sports to support him once he retires at some point into the future. These two have enough clout right now to make a boat load of money and fame by hanging out together, so why wouldn’t they?

Also, I super don’t care. I care about the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and their ability to make the human and physical geographies of the world funny. (RELATED: Taylor Swift Apparently Responds To Travis Kelce Dating Rumors)

Many think the account is a parody because it is just so funny. But it’s not. In fact, the social media strategy by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is so good that the National Parks Service is trying (and failing) to emulate its hilarity. And it’s why I will always be a geography nerd before I am anything else in this life. Why? Because you know where you are with geography.