Watch This Security Guard Lay Waste To Drunk College Kids Trying To Storm Field After Ole Miss’ Upset Over LSU

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This is so SEC football — straight up hilarious.

The No. 2 Game of the Week in my Week 5 picks, that was proven in flying colors after a thriller popped off between No. 13 LSU and No. 20 Ole Miss, with the Rebels getting the 55-49 win Saturday in Oxford. And with it being a technical upset, Ole Miss fans lost their absolute minds as they stormed the field in celebration.

But one student’s party … yeah, that didn’t go well.

After the game, a security guard was in the end zone hilariously “laying waste” to students left and right who were trying to go mid-field, however, one student actually did get laid to waste — being smashed by the guard’s elbow and taking a nice fall to the ground.

Pure comedy.


Man, there’s so much going on in this video.

You have the security guard not taking down a single soul, but when he does, it happens to be a woman … a woman who strangely and idiotically walked right into the security guard … and what on earth was the security guard doing anyways?

The field is already loaded with people, you’re not stopping any of this happening at this point, like … what’s going on?

But hey, I admire the determination.

All I know is this is so SEC. You have a fat security guard trying to tackle college students like he’s playing for LSU, failing to land anybody (well, except for the lady) and the field completely covered because of a mild upset. But that’s right … with it being in the SEC, there’s no such thing as a mild upset to them. (RELATED: New Mexico State QB Diego Pavia Hilariously Caught On Video Apparently Peeing On Rival New Mexico’s Lobos Logo)


Yeah, yeah … I get it. You’re a redneck conference which plays redneck football. And I can’t lie, I adore every single second of it.

Just another crazy night in the South.