Falcons’ Desmond Ridder Gets Left Hanging, Yelled At After Trying To High Five Teammate

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Brutal, but absolutely hilarious.

Not much went right for Atlanta Falcons quarterback Desmond Ridder during Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, which is a true bummer for him considering he traveled all the way to Wembley Stadium in London.

But that’s sometimes how the cookie crumbles, and it started to crumble early as the Falcons‘ offense only landed one first down in three drives. When they got to the fourth, Atlanta was finally making a move downfield on what was their best drive of the day, but that all came to a screeching halt after Ridder threw a pick-six interception to Jaguars cornerback Darious Williams.

Ridder went back for another pass on the very next play, throwing yet another interception, this time to safety Andre Cisco who returned it for 18 yards, setting up Jacksonville to take over on offense in Atlanta territory — and deep at that.

But the Falcons defense recovered for the quarterback, making a fourth-down stop to minimize the effects of Ridder’s second interception … just for Ridder to almost instantly give the ball back (again). (RELATED: Los Angeles Chargers — Yes, The Entire Team — Nearly Jump Jerry Tillery After Absolutely Nasty Hit On Justin Herbert)

Five plays into the next drive, wide receiver Mack Hollins was running downfield with a step on Williams, with Ridder having the opportunity for a big play … but nope, the 24-year-old almost threw another interception after massively underthrowing the ball.

Two plays later the drive ended with Atlanta shut out in the first half.

With the offense back on the sideline, Ridder walked up to Hollins to give him a high five, but uhh … my man wasn’t playing that at all, comically standing up and yelling at the QB.


Atlanta Falcons football, baby — where “at least we have the Braves” is the slogan.