Master Troll: Jimmy Butler Debuts Outright Hilarious ‘Emo’ Look At Miami Heat Media Day

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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It’s official — Jimmy Butler is the greatest troll of all time.

Miami Heat superstar Jimmy Butler debuted a new look Monday at the franchise’s media day that’s pure comedic gold, featuring the two-time Eastern Conference champion with straightened hair and new piercings, one in his nose and another above his eyebrow.

Meet “Emo Jimmy,” with Butler himself describing his new look as “emo” after being greeted by a chorus of laughter from reporters as he walked into the Heat media room, which had the 34-year-old responding with “don’t make me break character.”

Just so great … here are some more views:

And this whole thing has generated some glorious social media content, by the way.

Jimmy Butler did something similar last media day when he showed up with dreadlocks, with the look becoming the photo that was used during game broadcasts for the entire season — so you know he’s planning the same thing for the emo look, which I find absolutely fantastic and look forward to seeing.

Such an epic troll, this guy. And soon to be NBA champion. (RELATED: Portland Trail Blazers Reportedly Trade Damian Lillard To Milwaukee Bucks, AND WHAT THE HELL?!)